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Vote Yes on Measure B

By Maynard Skinner | Letter to the Editor | Davis Enterprise

I am writing in support of the Davis Innovation and Sustainability Campus and Measure B because it reflects my belief that Davis should grow and develop at an appropriate pace that respects both the history and future of Davis as a community. Davis has never been a fast growth or a no growth city — it has been slow, well-planned growth. Succeeding city councils have maintained this policy while protecting the downtown.

Let’s face it, the downtown is virtually full, and any growth would probably go up, an expensive alternative. Hence, we have before us the Davis Innovation and Sustainability Campus which will sustain and support the Davis innovation ecosystem while allowing Davis to retain its unique charm.

I believe that the project provides a substantial benefit to Davis by creating, at no expense to the Davis taxpayers, 12.8 acres of public parks onsite which will include much-needed sports facilities for the citizens of Davis. The project’s construction of a protected bicycle lane along the interior of the Mace curve, the grade separated pedestrian and bicycle crossing of Mace Boulevard, and improvements to bike trails to the south of Harper Junior High School are good additions to the Davis bicycle network and transportation infrastructure.

The project will also provide $77.5 million in fees towards roadways, public transit, and bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure in addition to $250,000 in annual funds towards transportation benefits in the project’s vicinity.

This project will provide substantial fiscal benefits to the city of Davis, DJUSD, Yolo County, and the Greater Sacramento Region. This project will attract will create significant employment opportunities for the citizens of Davis. It will provide record-setting affordable housing in Davis. Furthermore, the Davis Innovation and Sustainability Campus has committed to using 100% renewable energy and will create 22.6 acres of new habitat for pollinators, burrowing owls, and other native species. This is the kind of environmental and entrepreneurial leadership we should encourage.

This is the right time and the right project. Please join me in voting yes on Measure B. For more information, please visit

Maynard Skinner Former mayor

Originally Published on the Davis Enterprise:

Published October 1, 2020 | Last Modified on October 1, 2020 at 10:53 am

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