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Vote Yes on B for the Greater Good

By Kevin Wolf | Letter to the Editor | Davis Enterprise

Proposed housing and business projects should be measured by their bioregional and global impacts, not just over parochial concerns such as traffic, views and parking.

The DISC business and housing proposal, Measure B is an opportunity for Davis to reduce our impacts on this beautiful region and planet by covering farm land with streets and buildings here rather than continuing to push development to other cities that don’t pack in nearly as much greater good as this project does.

I opposed this project the last time it was presented to the city because it lacked housing and wasn’t as good as it should be given the value of being a part of Davis. Now it includes 850 housing units with more affordable and shared equity homes than we’ve seen in a local project in a long time.

With our yes vote we can significantly expand our off-road hiking and biking connections to the causeway. We can bring back 25 acres of native species, far more than the little habitat there now.  And no business park in the region is going to result in up to 342 acres of habitat permanently saved from development like the DISC project will.

Reversing global warming means we all have to step it up and let go of the little things in order to make big positive changes happen. Our yes vote will result in the creation of an exemplary business and housing park that generates considerable renewable energy on-site, commits to only using electricity from renewable sources, and will not offer gas infrastructure.

With your yes on B vote, we can lead by example and persuade other cities to include more of what Davis requires in order to develop on more farm land. We will also gain the many local benefits of this project such as more opportunities to live and work locally and realize more tax revenue.

Kevin Wolf Chair of the 2007 General Plan / Housing Element Update Steering Committee Co-founder N Street Cohousing

Originally Published on the Davis Enterprise:

Printed in the September 20, 2020 edition on page B2 | Published on September 8, 2020 | Last Modified on September 19, 2020 at 3:43 pm

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