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Measure B: City & University Vision 20+ Years In the Making

Measure B Davis

The Davis City Council first identified the need for an innovation campus in 1996, with the DISC property soon identified as the best available space in the City. Situated in northeast Davis, the DISC project proposal has gone through years of refinement and improvement, including the addition of the most significant investment in affordable housing in Davis history. After hundreds of hearings and meetings with the City Council, City Commissions, UC Davis partners, and community leaders in business, education, greenspace, and clean energy, DISC is finally ready for voter approval. Yes on Measure B is supported by more than ten current and former Davis councilmembers, and unanimously supported by the current Davis City Council.


*Rendering of DISC mixed-use housing

for superior environmental design

A City & University Vision 20+ Years In the Making

Pam Marrone

Founder of Marrone Bio Innovations

“With UC Davis right here, Davis has always had tremendous potential to create an innovation economy, but Davis continues to under-perform in our potential to attract, retain and grow startups and other R&D-related businesses… because of a lack of suitable facilities. The current proposal by DISC… would be a badly needed addition to Davis to create jobs and grow our entrepreneurial sector.”

Joe DiNunzio

Davis Chamber of Commerce | Chair

Economic Development & Davis Webinar

Featuring Barry Broome

Delaine Eastin

CA Superintendent of Public Instruction (Former)

CA Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar-Curry Endorses Measure B

"The Davis Innovation & Sustainability Campus will help Davis realize the incredible possibility of the knowledge economy... clean tech and sustainable agriculture business going into this project will bring good local jobs, and help the young professionals in our community...We have the opportunity right in our backyard to do this....This is about moving into the future for our children and our communities."

Cecilia Aguiar-Curry

CA Assemblymember

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