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Advancing Davis

A YES on Measure H enhances and advances more of what we love in our city by creating affordable housing, protecting endangered species, and permanently preserving hundreds of acres of agricultural land, while providing quality jobs for UC Davis graduates and our kids who are starting their careers.

Yes on H gives voters in Davis an exciting opportunity to:

* build accessible, affordable housing for the next generation of Davis residents and families

* restore and improve native habitat for endangered species and permanently preserve hundreds of acres agricultural land

* bring good jobs close to home

* create STEM internships for Davis high school and university students


YES on H is supported by residents, business leaders, students and environmentalists, because it advances Davis' community values, environmental sustainability and opportunity for everyone.
DiSC will build on Davis' commitment to bold environmental and civic leadership by attracting next-generation companies focused on solving the world’s greatest challenges, like climate change, food supply, and water scarcity.


YES on H will make DiSC a carbon-free model for California, requiring 100% renewable power on-site, enforceable in a court of law. DiSC will pay for critically needed, safe bike paths and a safe bike and pedestrian undercrossing of Mace Boulevard. An objective, independent study confirms that road fixes paid for by DiSC will improve safety and reduce average commute times near the Mace/I-80 interchange by up to 3-1/2  minutes.


YES on H creates new greenbelts for walking and jogging, as well as soccer and other recreation fields -- all at no cost to taxpayers. DiSC brings millions of dollars a year to the City budget and for support of Davis schools, while generating $29 million in one-time revenues to fix infrastructure and help pay for a new library and community center.


DiSC is endorsed by the entire City Council, Davis Chamber of Commerce, UC Davis graduate and undergraduate student associations, and the Democratic Party.


Davis is a special place, and DiSC is a visionary project that lives up to our values. It is designed to solve the most challenging problems of our generation, while attracting inspiring companies that are ready to be leaders in clean tech and sustainable agriculture. The project will bring millions of dollars to the City budget, more than a million to support Davis Joint Unified School District, and invest in amenities likes sports fields which would be open and accessible to all its neighbors. Change is inevitable, but DiSC enables our City to plan for the future in a way that embraces environmental leadership, housing affordability, and thoughtful collaborations between UC Davis and the borders community. Vote YES on H. 

Please join hundreds of community, education and business leaders who stand in support of Measure H and our movement to advance innovation and sustainability both here in Davis and beyond.

For questions please email 

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Paid for and authorized by YES on Measure H -FPPC#: 1445576 Committee major donor from Ramco Enterprises, including
Frank C. Ramos & Joanne M. Ramos and affiliated entities, Buzz Oates LLC, including Larry Allbaugh and affiliated entities

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