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 A YES on MEASURE H fights the housing crisis by providing access to affordable housing for the next generation of Davis residents. Measure H adds millions to our city budget, restores native habitat and protects endangered species, while permanently preserving hundreds of acres of agricultural land. Measure H provides quality jobs for UC Davis graduates and our kids who are starting their careers.


Measure H is supported by the entire Davis City Council, regional elected officials, hundreds of  Davis community leaders and organizations, because they know it will provide a real solution to our affordable housing crisis. 


Measure H ensures that our city’s commitment to bold environmental and agricultural leadership will attract next-generation companies focused on solving the world’s greatest challenge, climate change.

Measure H improves our existing trails, adds new bike and pedestrian paths, creates a safe under-crossing on Mace Boulevard, and reduces commute times near the Mace/I-80 interchange.

Measure H provides our kids safe routes to schools, and creates new sports fields for soccer, softball, rugby, cricket, and pickleball — all at no cost to Davis taxpayers.

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Measure H creates a carbon-free community that will be a model for California, utilizing 100% renewable energy.

Measure H dedicates $29 million from the Davis Innovation Sustainability Campus to fix our roads, and fund a new south Davis library and community center.

You may list me/my organization in support of Measure H, a measure that embraces our Davis values and ensures a bright future for our community

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Paid for by Yes on Measure H. Committee major funding from Ramco Enterprises, including Frank C. Ramos & Joanne M. Ramos and affiliated entities, and Buzz Oates LLC, including Larry Allbaugh and affiliated entities

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